Tobias M. Schneider

Photographer / Psychologist (experimental psychology, perception & cognitive science)

„Non semper ea sunt, quae videntur.“ [„Things are not always what they appear to be.“]

Phaedrus Augusti Libertus


Welcome! I am a PhD-student at the Department of General Psychology and Methodology (Otto-Friedrich-University, Bamberg, Germany). This homepage is about my (scientific) work (with a focus on face perception/processing, optical illusions and applied cognition). Feel free to surf on my other sites to get an impression of my other (non-academical) work: Photography.

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University of Bamberg
Department of General Psychology and Methodology
Head: Prof. Dr. Claus-Christian Carbon
Markusplatz 3
Room M3/02.13
D-96047 Bamberg

Lehrveranstaltungen SS 2017

Anomalistische Psychologie/Parapsychologie aus kognitionspsychologischer Perspektive

Dozent : Tobias Schneider
Veranstaltungsart : Seminar
Zeit und Ort : Do 14:00 - 16:00, MG2/01.11

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Recent publications

Talks & Posters

Schneider, T. M.

Carbon, C. C.(2016).

An episodic face space model for representing faces, Oral presentation, 39th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP), Barcelona/Catalonia (28.08.-01.09.2016).

Schneider, T. M.

Carbon, C. C.(2016).

On the generation and retrieval of facial representations, Oral presentation, 58th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP), Heidelberg, Germany (21.3.-23.3.2016).


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